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Summer Leadership Program

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Summer Leadership Program

How do you know public accounting is for you? By experiencing it! This one day program gives you the chance to jump-start your career and explore your interests while gaining insight into the culture at BS&P. You will get exposure to firm values, the ability to network with BS&P professionals from staff to partner, a tour of Larkin Square and learn how to utilize your strengths to Standout for Success as you start your career in accounting.

Program Benefits

  • Opportunity for future internships and FT positions with BS&P
  • Experience BS&P culture
  • Network with BS&P professionals from staff to Partner
  • Gain leadership skills to Standout for Success


Applicants must be in their Sophomore/Junior year of study working towards a five year Advanced

All students must be in good academic standing and a GPA of 3.0 or above is preferred

Accounting Degree or Masters Degree which gives necessary requirements to become licensed as a CPA