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New York State Increases Exempt Salary Levels and Minimum Wage

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Beginning December 31, 2019, the required minimum salary levels for executive and administrative employees to qualify as overtime exempt in New York State will increase (New York does not have a minimum salary level for professional employees although most of these employees would still be subject to the federal salary minimum for exemption which will increase from $455 to $684 per week on January 1, 2020).  The new salary levels are as follows:

Employers Outside of New York City, Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester Counties

  • $885.00 per week on and after 12/31/19

Employers in New York City

“Large” employers (11 or more employees)

  • $1,125.00 per week on and after 12/31/18

“Small” employers (10 or fewer employees)

  • $1,125.00 per week on and after 12/31/19;

Employers in Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester Counties

  • $975.00 per week on and after 12/31/19;

The New York State minimum wage will also increase on December 31, 2019.  From 12/31/2019 through 12/30/2020, the basic minimum wage is $11.80 per hour in most of New York State. There are different minimum wage rates for: the fast food industry, Long Island, Westchester County, and large and small employers in New York City.  Please see the following chart for guidelines:

General Minimum Wage Rate Schedule

Location 12/31/18 12/31/19 12/31/20
NYC – Large Employers (11 or more employees) $15.00
NYC – Small Employers (10 or less employees) $13.50 $15.00
Long Island & Westchester $12.00 $13.00 $14.00
Remainder of New York State $11.10 $11.80 $12.50

Employers must post a Minimum Wage Information poster in their establishment.

Please contact our Director of Human Resources, Caroline Organ, at [email protected] or 716-854-5034 with any questions.