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Outsourced Accounting Services

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Looking to reduce costs and increase productivity? Find out how BS&P can help…

Every business owner knows that profitability and business decisions are driven from the financials. A recent example is when one of our clients approached us because he was struggling with his accounting processes and he knew if he let the struggles continue his business would suffer. He opened up to us about the difficulties in hiring and retaining top notch accountants in house as well as the difficulties in preparing and analyzing the data. BS&P stepped in to serve as a partner and liaison to his current staff to provide timely and accurate financial reports, implementation of systems and business planning services.

By partnering with our firm this business owner was able to fill a necessary and crucial role immediately, reduce operating costs and increase productivity. At BS&P we don’t have a one size fits all strategy because we know that no two businesses are alike; we partner with you to accommodate your needs and budget. Below are the business accounting services that we offer at BS&P:

  • Bookkeeping and general ledger processing
  • Monthly closing process and analysis
  • Internal financial statements and management reports
  • QuickBooks consulting – Cash flow projections
  • Forecasts and budgets
  • Implementing computerized or manual accounting systems
  • Development of internal control systems and management information systems
  • Maintenance of fixed asset and depreciation schedules

Our knowledgeable, committed team of professionals is dedicated to making an important contribution to the success of your business and the management of your financial affairs.

Running a business is rewarding and fruitful- but also a continuous adventure. Is there an area of your business you wish you could improve or enhance? We would like to hear your story and see if we can help. Contact Partner, Melissa Stevener for more information.