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Our Services

We pride ourselves in having a wide variety of CPA and other business specialties under one roof.
Our Services
Audit & Assurance Services

Our goal at BS&P is to perform the highest quality and effective audit while creating minimal disruption to your company and its personnel. Each audit is customized to meet the needs of the specific company under audit.

Our Services
Outsourced Accounting Services

Maximizing performance and productivity is of utmost importance to any business and organization. Access to timely and accurate financial reports is critical to making business decisions.

Our Services
International Tax Services

Businesses and individuals are investing and earning income across multiple borders more than ever before. With the increase in cross-border commerce comes an increase in regulation and tax compliance.

Our Services
Consulting & Business Advisory

As your primary business advisor, your accountant can perform many functions,such as preparing returns and auditing your financial statements– but a proactive accountant can offer you much more.

Our Services
Human Resources

The role of Human Resources (HR) has transformed far beyond handling recruitment, retention and terminations. As HR evolves, it proves to be a core contributor to any well-run and strategic business.

Our Services
SOC Engagements

Service organizations are under increasing pressure from their customers to differentiate themselves. Engaging in a SOC report is one of the ways that your organization can distinguish itself from competitors.

Our Services
Tax Services

Whether you are a business owner or an individual, partnering with a professional team is beneficial to you and your business. You only have a finite amount of time and relying on the expertise and responsiveness of your tax partner will solve many of your challenges.

Our Services
Wealth Management

Every person’s financial situation and vision for their future is unique. We are focused on our clients and work diligently to discover their current needs and long-term goals. We take great pride in being chosen as our clients’ trusted advisor.

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