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Audit of Financial Statements

Audit of Financial Statements

Our goal at BS&P is to perform the highest quality and effective audit while creating minimal disruption to your company and its personnel.  Each audit is customized to meet the needs of the specific company under audit.  Below is a brief description of the audit process that will ensure a timely and effective audit of your company:


  • We will complete a majority of the planning before year end. We will work with your personnel to gather the necessary information to prepare for the audit
  • We will conduct meetings with members of management to develop an understanding of your company and coordinate specific timing of audit procedures and client support
  • We will develop procedures to address identified risks and increase audit efficiencies in order to ensure an audit process that creates minimal disruption to your personnel
  • We will issue a first day letter detailing information needed for the audit based on your systems and financial characteristics


  • We will work with your personnel to establish a time frame to perform the fieldwork at your location
  • We will utilize the latest auditing and portal software in order to perform your engagement in a paperless and secure environment
  • We will staff the audit team in order to ensure the timely performance of our audit procedures with the least amount of disruptions to the daily procedures of your personnel
  • We will review, at the conclusion of our fieldwork, the final trial balance, any management recommendation letter comments and any other comments we noted


  • We will provide all audit deliverables in a timely manner in order to exceed your expectations and meet established deadlines
  • We will meet with members of governance and management to discuss the audit, financial statements and all audit related letters
  • We will provide you with any recommendations that will improve the internal controls or operating efficiency of your company

Working with BS&P puts company owners and personnel at ease, knowing they have a trusted partner who understands their needs and who can provide the highest quality audit service and advice in a timely and minimally disruptive manner.

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Melissa Stevener
Melissa Stevener