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Firm Culture

Start or advance your career with Brock, Schechter & Polakoff, LLP, a modern firm located in the up-and-coming Larkin District. Our accountants have the opportunity to work on a variety of assignments including tax and audit. After a few years of experience, we will work with you to determine which department you will enjoy working in as well as what area you’d like to become an expert in.

Why CPAs love to work at BS&P

Firm Culture

Great Work/Life Balance

Firm Culture

Big Brother/Sister Program

Firm Culture

Flexible work schedules, hybrid and fully remote options & summer Fridays

Firm Culture

Career Development Program for Personal & Professional Development

Firm Culture

Tax & Audit Experience

Firm Culture

Local WNY Firm

Firm Culture

Personalized Training

Firm Culture

Diverse Client Base

Firm Culture

Firm Team Buildings & Outings

Firm Culture

Volunteer Opportunities

Getting Acquainted

Getting Started

Each person that starts with BS&P participates in a comprehensive new employee orientation program. This one-on-one training with an experienced accountant allows them to experience performing taxation and accounting engagements while becoming familiar with software and procedures.


When you first start at BS&P, you’ll have a Big Brother/Big Sister to help you get situated while you settle in and help guide you in your work.  They know what it is like when first starting at BS&P so if you have questions, feel free to ask away!

Firm Culture
Firm Culture

Core Values – CARE

Culture –  The firm’s culture is very important. The partners want to make it enjoyable to work, but also an environment that people can grow in.

Accuracy – The nature of our profession requires us to be precise.

Responsive – Our clients want us to be responsive. This is an area that we should never let them down.

Ethics – Maintaining high integrity (especially in these times) is critical to our survival.

Location, Location, Location

Larkin at Exchange

Our office is located in the Larkin Building. Our employees have access to the many great perks to working at Larkin including onsite gym, daycare facilities, café, bank, beauty salon and dry cleaning.

Adjacent to the Larkin building is Larkin Square where there are always events going on, most of which are free!  Larkin Square is also the home of Food Truck Tuesdays and Live at Larkin Concert Series, where you can sample food from many different food trucks and enjoy a free concert. For more information on what is happening at Larkin Square click here. 

Firm Culture

Tax Season

We know things can get pretty hectic during tax season especially as deadlines approach.   BS&P offers a variety of perks to make things a little bit easier.  Here are just a few:

  • Hours average 55/week during tax season
  • Paid overtime
  • Chair massages
  • Deadline Parties
  • Giveaways, Ice Cream Socials, Friendly Competitive Games
  • Catered Lunches/Dinners
Firm Culture
Negotiate Better

Let’s Grow

Career Development Program – BS&P believes that career development is a joint effort. We will provide each staff member the tools, programs and experience to guide and advance their career. It is up to each individual to take advantage of these opportunities and own their career.

Mentorship Program – The BS&P Mentorship Program is designed to promote personal and professional growth for all individuals within the firm.

Feedback – BS&P delivers feedback with each client engagement, providing information for growth and career improvement.

CPA Exam – BS&P contributes to the cost of taking the CPA exam or the cost of a review class. 

Growth Opportunity – BS&P wants individuals to stay and grow their careers with the firm even up to becoming a firm partner. We also offer diverse working engagements which creates unique learning opportunities.

Continuing Education – BS&P hosts Continuing Professional Education (CPE).  CPE is required for CPA’s to maintain their professional competence and provide quality professional services. Although all of our CPA certified staff attend CPE to fulfill their requirement we encourage everyone to complete their requirement so they continually work toward their own career goals.

Firm Outings, Events & More!

We’re Here to Have Fun Too!

We hold team events including firm picnics, wine tastings, golf outings, Buffalo Pedal tours, cooking competitions, firm dinners, end of deadline parties & etc. to help grow the firm as a whole. Hearing what makes our staff happy is important to us and we continually work to understand how we can improve. 

Firm Culture