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Outsourced Human Resource (HR) Services

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Outsourced Human Resource (HR) Services

There is a shift in the traditional way we view Human Resources (HR). The role of HR has transformed far beyond handling recruitment, retention and terminations. If executed effectively it proves to be a core contributor to any well-run and successful business. Building out internal infrastructure to engage and incentivise employees coupled with protocol and operational standards is quite an undertaking. The average business has one HR professional for every 100 employees – not nearly enough to handle all the nuances.

In order to be highly efficient and profitable, business owners need their employees to be motivated, skilled, and working in safe conditions. Our human resource team comprised of CPA Certified accountants and human resource professionals will work with you and your management team to ensure the effectiveness and execution of various programs.

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Our HR Services include:

Talent Management

People are the most important asset of any organization. Recruiting is just as much about the external influence, the candidate, as it is about the internal influence, the firm culture. Creating a culture that makes an organization an “employer of choice” to attract qualified applicants is critical. Model candidates are drawn to firms that have built a solid reputation. Hiring smart and utilizing the expertise of an outside professional to help build or enhance company culture is very beneficial.

Employee Handbook

Open and ongoing communication to employees regarding company policies and procedures is crucial. The best way to do that is referencing and updating your employee handbook. It outlines the company philosophy, history, goals, policies, procedures, and benefits as well as the expectation of management. The key is establishing a clear and consistent message from the company. This is extremely helpful against any claims of wrongdoing from employees. For example, if an employee cites discrimination or unfair treatment against their employer, the handbook can provide proof of a policy was in place to prevent that conduct and support their communication to all the employees.

HR Program Audit

A human resources audit rates the presence and effectiveness of your current HR activities and programs. It serves as a guide to the current state of your business’ HR functions, which activities should be revised and to what level in order to improve the overall HR program. Whether you sense there is discord between employees or you feel exposed because you’re lacking compliance on employee regulations, a thorough assessment and outline of corrective action from an experienced professional can not only protect the company but improve employee relations.

Employee Training

We provide clients various HR training programs built around specific HR topics such as sexual harassment to workforce development topics such as motivating through positive feedback. We also develop company-specific training plans to align business succession plans and organizational needs with individual career goals.

A productive and engaged workforce can increase profitability twofold. Happy employees are enthusiastic and motivated which increases customer relations (revenue) and reduces turnover (expense).

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Caroline M. Organ - Chief Human Resources Officer
Caroline M. Organ - Chief Human Resources Officer